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Yes, you know me's Journal

Monday, September 25, 2006

4:14PM - I'm sorry..

I deleted this account, without any explanation.. and later realized that might not have been completely fair.

I am a born again Christian, who is constantly at struggle with my religious beliefs and my rather high sex drive, and exhibitionistic tendancies. Considering that I don't have a man, here, 24/7 to help me with that problem, as of yet, it makes it a rather difficult struggle indeed.

I deleted this journal, order to help me be the person that I believe that I'm supposed to be.. and, NOT be a hypocrite. Heck, I even ended my sexual relationship, with the man that I love more than words can express, until the time comes that he marries me.

All of this in order to say, farewell to those of you who are not interested in following me to my "real journal".. the one about the single mother of three kids, and all of the daily victories and struggles, that go along with that. It's not a religious journal, and, although the subject does come up from time to time, it's actually fairly infrequent. It's just the writings of a woman about the life she lives, and the people that she loves.. much like most of you.

Yeah.. I could have stayed deleted, and never said anything. But, there are those of you that I think (hope) have actually become more interested in me as a person, than as a sexual object. If you happen to be one of those people.. feel free to contact me, via email, at abbybaby32@yahoo.com.. and, I'll be happy to add you to my other journal.

I'll be deleting this journal, again, in a few days. If I don't hear from you, then, farewell.. it was nice to meet you. If I do hear from you.. then, thank you, for attempting to accept me for who I really am.

by the way, my name is Alice.


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Thursday, September 14, 2006

5:07PM - What's wrong with me?

Why is it that whenever I'm going through a hard time.. am depressed.. angry.. whatever, I feel this extraordinary need to masturbate? I don't want to have sex, with anyone.. that requires physical contact.. and, in that mood, I don't want it.

Is that weird, or what?

Current mood: irritated
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Wednesday, June 18, 2003


You know.. I was in the middle of writing a highly erotic story involving a threesome here.. and, then my 9 year old son woke up, throwing up all over the place.

Amazing how quickly a mood can turn.. ya' know??

hehe.. sorry for that. I'll try to see if I can get into it tomorrow night.

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12:37AM - Yay!!!

I just got a host for my pictures!! whooohooooo

The only thing is that all of the pictures that I took recently, are with a friend. I used his camera, and he is supposed to put them on a disk for me. sooooooooo.. once I get them back, I'll be posting them!

Go ME!

Oh yeah.. HI!! :)

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Saturday, May 24, 2003

5:30PM - Here's a question..

o.k. folks. Not every journal on my friends list is a sex journal *gasp*

There's a reason I'm noting this.. bear with me. *grins*

I'm worried about my icons, basically. I just commented in someone's journal.. and, my default icon is.. erm.. rather explicit.

So, my question, is.. is anyone bothered by having that particular icon show up in their comments for everyone to see? If you are.. then.. take a look at my other two icons and tell me if either of them are more acceptable?

or.. should I get just a normal non nude icon for most comments? I'm just trying to be considerate here.

and.. bigbull please forgive me. I commented and didn't even think about what icon was going to be showing up in your journal. Let me know if you want me to change it, dear.

Thanks all

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