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What's wrong with me?

Why is it that whenever I'm going through a hard time.. am depressed.. angry.. whatever, I feel this extraordinary need to masturbate? I don't want to have sex, with anyone.. that requires physical contact.. and, in that mood, I don't want it.

Is that weird, or what?
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I am the same way. It's the mind's way of dealing with stress. It helps us cope with it and relax.
ah.. well, glad to know I'm not alone, in that. I was feeling like some sort of freak..
In no way you are a freak, beautiful / sexy yes... freak no.

*smiles really big*

thank you!! :D
Get yerself a California Exotice Impulse Hypersonic Technoflex.
whut the hell is that?!?
It's a vibrator. Better'n antidepressants.
I have vibrators.. but, that one.. sounds a bit.. uh.. industrial.. haha
It actually just has a scary name. It looks quite benign but it's AWESOME.
Got a link?
You can probably just google it. I think has 'em.
I think it is chemical. Orgasms change your brain chemistry and mixed up brain chemistry is where depression comes from. It is why people eat "comfort food" too. Those foods all help increase seratonin levels.
That makes total sense! :)