Yes, you know me (kiss_my_lips) wrote,
Yes, you know me

Here's a question..

o.k. folks. Not every journal on my friends list is a sex journal *gasp*

There's a reason I'm noting this.. bear with me. *grins*

I'm worried about my icons, basically. I just commented in someone's journal.. and, my default icon is.. erm.. rather explicit.

So, my question, is.. is anyone bothered by having that particular icon show up in their comments for everyone to see? If you are.. then.. take a look at my other two icons and tell me if either of them are more acceptable?

or.. should I get just a normal non nude icon for most comments? I'm just trying to be considerate here.

and.. bigbull please forgive me. I commented and didn't even think about what icon was going to be showing up in your journal. Let me know if you want me to change it, dear.

Thanks all
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